Handle With Care offers in-home private instruction as well as obedience training classes & seminars at all levels, dog adoption assistance, and so much more.
Handle With Care uses fun, reward-based dog training.

Feel free to call (828) 290-7830 or email with any questions regarding our services.

Puppy Kindergarten Classes

  • Apple Valley Animal Hospital 3015 Chimney Rock, Hendersonville, NC
  • Starting Wednesday, January 18 from 6-7pm (5 Weeks)
  • Starting Saturday, January 21 from 2-3pm (5 Weeks)
  • Check out "Class Details" below to get all the info about this class.

New Beginner's Obedience Classes

  • Rutherford Pet Supply 115 Reservation Dr. Spindle, NC 28160
  • Starting Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 6:00-7:00pm (6 weeks)
  • Starting Tuesday Feb. 28th 6:00-7:00 pm (6 Weeks)
  • Check out "Class Details" below to get all the info about this class.

Handle With Care also offers Gift Certificates:

Know someone who adopted a new dog or will be getting a puppy or rescued dog?
How about giving them a gift certificate for either private in-home sessions or group classes for a holiday present!
Contact us by either phone or email for details and to get a gift certificate!


Edneyville, Hendersonville, Fletcher, Fairview, Gerton, Bat Cave, Chimney Rock,
Lake Lure, Asheville, Black Mountain, Arden, Biltmore Forest


I will go over ever aspect of owning a new puppy in a 2 hour session. Get out some paper and a pen! This is an information packed session! House-breaking, crate-training, proper foods and toys, mouthing, jumping, vaccinations, socialization, puppy-proofing, leash work,etc. This also includes free on-going phone consultations after the initial visit .Cost :$115.00.


We work together in your home to resolve problems that may be home-based. Separation anxiety, crate training, potty-training,bolting out the door jumping, resource guarding, barking, aggression towards visitors or other dogs, etc. Sessions run 90 minutes; $95/session


Group Dog classes are a series of lessons where you learn with your dog in class then take the dog home and practice the lessons there and out in real life with your dog. Group classes offer distractions and the dog and handler learn how to communicate even with people and other dogs around. Classes are limited in size so each person & their dog can receive personalized attention. Classes focus on helping your dog and you to understand that unwanted behaviors don’t work, only polite behavior earns rewards. We use only reward based, positive training. No leash yanking. No choke chains. We offer a variety of choices from puppy socializing classes and beginner's classes to more advanced dog training.

Puppy Kindergarten

5 weeks $100 For puppies 6-16 weeks of age.
Proof of at least 2 puppy vaccinations are required.
Build a strong relationship with your new puppy based on trust and cooperation. Puppy classes are an indispensable foundation for the rest of your dog's life. A heavy emphasis on socialization, both dog with people as well as dog to dog. There are controlled play times during each class so puppies can learn how to interact safely with a variety of types & sizes of puppies. Management issues are addressed to keep your puppy safe in your home.
• Lots of socialization and handling by people.
• Success in house training.
• Chew toy training
• Inappropriate mouthing and biting
• New sights, sounds and experiences
• How to play with your puppy
• Handling exercises
• Basic manners: be attentive, coming when called, leave it, drop it, puppy sits, door manners, and walking on leash.Basic training - be attentive, sit, come,  leave it, drop it, and walking on a leash.

Beginner's Obedience Group Class

For dogs two months and older. Teach that dog some manners! We train you, to train your dog. A fun, reward-based series consisting of 5 one hour sessions. Training commands covered: sit, down, stay, leave-it, drop-it, wait at street corner, loose-leash walking, socialization on leash (dog to dog introduction) and how to 'read' dog postures. Plus first aid techniques are covered, as well as a few tricks for graduation!

Advanced Obedience Class

Pre-requisite: Completion of Beginners Obedience or with permission from Instructor. Building on work done from the beginner's class, we will work on extended stays and long distance re-calls with bigger distractions and for longer time periods. Improving leash work, beginning to work off leash, go to your bed. Commands like: front & finish, stand, stand stay, drop on recall, back up, move, down in motion will be explored. Good sit and down stays, great recalls and heel work should be in place to really work this class. This class series is designed to move you up to competition levels & prepares you for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Cost: $125-five week class Limited to 8 handlers and their dogs-Please sign up!!

Puppy Kindergarten:
Apple Valley Animal Clinic - 3015 Chimney Rock Rd, Hendersonville

Beginner’s Obedience:
Rutherford Pet Supply
115 Reservation Dr. Spindle, NC 28160


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"Lezle is a kind and generous soul who truly loves and understands the canine brain. She helped me make some tough decisions while I was nursing my elderly dogs, Flash and Bella -- life-lessons that I will never forget."

Joe Fordham (and Lucy), Burbank, CA.

"Lezle taught us what we needed to change our dog's behavior and within a couple months, we had a happier and well-behaved bulldog! Since then, Lezle has been our go-to dog trainer with our two other dogs, along with being their dog walkers, and dog sitters. We trust her with our dogs' (who are our children!) lives and with our home."

Meredith Prunkard

"Lezle trained our dogs (or really trained us, with pooch along for the fun). She is now our walker for Star for over a year, almost every day, completely reliable. I think she loves our "baby" as much as we do."

Wendy Mitchell

"Lezle helped me navigate the utterly overwhelming NKLA adoption fair, advising on breeds and behavior, preventing me from making an impulsive and wrong choice."

Sharon Bell

Lezle Stein

I originally started my journey into the dog world after leaving Billboard magazine in 1998. I decided to intern under Dr. Nancy Scanlon, who specializes in holistic veterinary medicine through acupuncture and herbs. This led me to study in the Animal Behavior and Training Association program where upon graduating I taught at Petco. Being a firm believer in community involvement, I became a volunteer adoption counselor at North Central Los Angeles Animal Shelter. I also assisted training pit bulls through Tia Torres’ program from The Villalobos Rescue Center and with Best Friends. 
I was featured in the hit blue ray movie "Marley & Me".

My extensive experience also includes American Red Cross certification in Pet First Aid and CPR, Paul Owens’ Raise With Praise Program, Co-President of Hermon Dog Park, L.A. City Council Spay & Neuter Advisory Committee, Director of Animal Welfare for the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council & CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trained. I have also participated with my own dogs in obedience, agility, shepherding training and scent detection. The Whole Dog Journal wrote an article about my dog Jesse & I about our nosework experiences. I presently participate in nose work & agility with my cattle dog, Blau.

I am AKC certified as a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers as well as a member of the Southern California Dog Trainers Forum. I currently teach group classes& do in-home privates.

While in Los Angeles, CA., I worked with many rescue groups in the Los Angeles area helping to rehabilitate dogs after they are adopted including Downtown Dog Rescue, Dawg Squad, The Brittany Foundation and Best Friends. I assisted Councilman Jose Huizar with many dog related events in city parks as well.
I have recently relocated to the mountains outside of Asheville, NC, where I am beginning a new chapter of my life. I will be volunteering for Charlie's Angels in Hendersonville, training their volunteers how to be better handlers as well as for The Wolf Sanctuary in Asheville.


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