Group Dog classes are a series of lessons where you learn with your dog in class then take the dog home and practice the lessons there and out in real life with your dog.
Group classes offer distractions and the dog and handler learn how to communicate even with people and other dogs around.
Classes are limited in size so each person & their dog can receive personalized attention.
Classes focus on helping your dog and you to understand that unwanted behaviors don’t work, only polite behavior earns rewards.
We use only reward based, positive training. No leash yanking. No choke chains.
We offer a variety of choices from puppy socializing classes and beginner's classes to more advanced dog training.

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Beginner's Obedience Class

For dogs two months and older. Teach that dog some manners! We train you, to train your dog. A fun, reward-based series consisting of 6 one hour sessions. Training commands covered: name recognition, sit, down, stay, leave-it, drop-it, wait at street corner, loose-leash walking, socialization on leash (dog to dog introduction) and how to 'read' dog postures & "dog speak". Plus first aid techniques are covered, as well as a few tricks for graduation!

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Advanced Obedience Class

Building on work done from the beginner's class, we will work on extended stays and long distance re-calls with bigger distractions and for longer time periods. Improving leash work, beginning to work off leash, go to your bed. Commands like: front & finish, stand, stand stay, drop on recall, back up, move, down in motion will be explored. Good sit and down stays, great recalls and heel work should be in place to really work this class. This class series is designed to move you up to competition levels & prepares you for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. 

I want to thank Lezle for helping me with my dog, Jack. I came to Lezle in a state of panic, my dog sitter had just dropped us because Jack was hard to handle. Lezle encouraged me to join the group training and assured me that Jack would do just fine. I was nervous and reluctant. Over the 6 weeks of training, I noticed that Jack was actually enjoying the challenges that were presented his way in class. As he was succeeding, I was feeling more at ease. Lezle is a great support to the dogs and as well as the owners every step of the way. For that I am truly grateful. I am continuing to see Jack succeed and I am continuing to handle him with greater confidence. Thank you Lezle for everything!!
— Christine and Jack